PUSH Entertainment - Desktop Flag 3D

PUSH Entertainment - Desktop Flag 3D 1.24

PUSH Entertainment - Desktop Flag 3D will put an animated flag on your desktop

Desktop Flag 3D is a program that will put an animated flag on your desktop. This program will let you change your usual static wallpaper for an animated wallpaper that will display a waving flag over an image of your choice. The program will also install a screensaver that will show exactly the same image when the computer switches into idle.

Desktop Flag 3D allows you to choose any flag from the included 192 or load a picture of any custom flag you want to use. The selectable flags are organized into folders according to the region where the flag´s country is located. You can also choose to use any of the provided backgrounds for your desktop, use the background that you were using, or choose any image on your disk to be used as a background. You can set the flag´s transparency, and give more or less priority to the execution of the animated wallpaper. The screensaver settings will be the same that those for the animated wallpaper. Further configuration can be done through Windows´ Screensaver Settings. The unregistered version of this program will periodically display a nag screen.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to use any image as a flag


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